Web Hosting Services 2018

We have short listed three excellent hostings for you.

Best Support

$ 3
95 Monthly
  • Endorsed by WordPress
  • SUPPORT: Live Chat (24x7)
  • free website builder
  • 30 days money back 

Best Overall

$ 2
95 Monthly
  • Free Domain Forever
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Disk space
  • 45 days money back

Best Shared

$ 3
92 Monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • New Guru Support
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • AnyTime Money Back

Kitty Gupta (Hostyfire.com): After reviewing many hosting, we have short listed Best Web Hosting Services by categories like Support, shared, and overall best. SiteGround hosting service has knowledgeable support. Fastcomet cloud hosting allows you to use the resources on multiple servers, instead of your site limited for single server location. The hosting price of A2hosting is $3.92 per month. The best thing is that the price rate is not only good for long-term deals that are 36 months but also excellent for 12 months too.

Web Hosting Comparison By Category

#1 FastComet: Best Overall Hosting

Hosting Overview

For the past one decade, Fastcomet has been in the internet space offering web hosting service in a qualitative manner. They offer a unique, quality and topnotch service to their clients. Despite the fact that there are countless web hosting companies outside there, Fastcomet stands out… Read More


#2 A2 hosting: Best Shared Hosting

Hosting Overview

A2 Hosting is one of the oldest and best hosting services that have won several accolades and recognition. The company is known for fast and uninterrupted internet. Although there are several web hosting companies but A2 has distinguished itself in several ways…. Read More


#3 SiteGround: Best WordPress Hosting

Hosting Overview

SiteGround hosting is a web hosting company based in Bulgaria and founded in 2004. They offer a high-quality hosting solution. WordPress.org, Joomla, and Drupal suggested SiteGround hosting… Read More


#4 Inmotion: Best Web Hosting For Small Business

Hosting Overview

InMotion is a web hosting service that has many advantages for its users. Lets find out the most important ones and how you can use them to build an amazing site. First of all, inMotion offers a bigger range of services, compared to other web hosting services.. Read More


#5 Bluehost: Best Web Hosting For Bloggers

Hosting Overview

Web hosting services is one of the services that is paramount for anybody doing online business. If you must succeed in your online business, then you have to sign up for one hosting service…Read More


What Type Of Hosting Is Suitable For You?

There are different types of hosting such as Shared, Virtual Private Server, and dedicated and cloud hosting. These hosting act as a storage centre for your web content and it is service which allows a different organization to post their website on the Internet. The different types of hosting differ on different parameters such as server speed, storage capacity, reliability, and control.

Shared Hosting

Best Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means you share the same server with multiple other websites ranging from few hundred to thousand. In this type, all website domains share the same server with RAM and CPU. The shared hosting is the budgetary option. It is the cheapest hosting, and it is the entry level hosting option because this type of hosting does not require the technical knowledge. In shared hosting you have small available space and the private place is your home directory and no one interferes with your home directory. In this hosting, you have to share CPU, RAM and network connectivity. The price of shared hosting changes with different hosting service providers. It offers basic web statics support, email and web mail services, and auto script installations and all that services included with monthly subscription

The main problem with shared hosting is that if any of the websites have faulty code and any of the websites has heavy traffic, then such type of website utilizes near about 75% of server memory. It means that other websites only utilise 25% of memory and go down and load slowly and theissueiswith those users who do not do anything with their site. As compared to website performance shared hosting is not a good option.

Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is related to the concept of cloud computing technology that allows the user use an unlimited number of machine to act as one system.  The hosting like shared, dedicated depends on one machine only whereas cloud hosting service security is guaranteed by many servers. The cloud hosting allows you to use unlimited space and RAM and increase the growth of the website.

Cloud hosting is more reliable than the dedicated and shared hosting. The cloud hosting combines each server, and the load of one server does not affect the other server performance. Cloud hosting keeps your all data secure. In cloud hosting services the data is spread over a different server and secure your data from hardware failure. This service provides the excellent user interface and controls your server quick and easy. You can secure your data, creating a new server, and resizing your server in one click.

VPS Hosting

Best VPS Hosting

A VPS stands for virtual private server, and of this type, every virtual server hosting is on a private server with more powerful hardware. It is also one of the kinds of shared hosting but in this hosting one physical machine is divided into a separate machine and every unit is capable of functioning independently. In this hosting parent server resource hosting is shared by child server, and because of this technique, there is no any affect to your website performance.

In VPS technique the available space is divided into as many users present there. If there are five users and server allocates the 5 GB of RAM and 100 GB of the hard drive then every user is allocated 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of hard drive space. Suppose your site fulfils the allocated RAM then your site goes down, but other sites will remain stable. This technique removes the problem of shared hosting and website performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Best Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the hosting where an independent server is there for you where you host your website. In dedicated hosting, you rent your server, and only your website hosting is on this server. It is the excellent hosting because in this hosting no one is competing for your resource and provides a high quality of resources for heavy traffic. You are allowed root access, and there is no outbound email restriction. It is the expensive hosting type and the price of this hosting changes with different hosting service providers. The dedicated hosting allows you high performance and stability to your websites and functions of your business and upward your website 99.4%.

The important aspect with your hosting is that you should have proper knowledge about computers and server technology. In this hosting, you have to manage the host service and alot of work you have to do on your own. In some cases, you don’t get proper service, and you have to install OS yourself. You have to manage many things yourself such as security scanning, removal of malware and run a web server.

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