About Us

We are hosting review industry, and we are different from other review sites. We compare review of each hosting service provider and find a best hosting service provider for you.

How are we different from others?

We generate rating using the genuine user comments posted on Twitter. These reviews are authentic, relevant, and up to date. When users share their review about the hosting providers or different tools of hosting, then we confine that reviews and analyse it. By analysing and observing every review, we generate a positive and negative reaction to each comment. We also analyse the language used by people in comment extract the sentiment behind it and finally calculate the product score. We provide simple rating concept, a fair opinion for each authentic user, and zero editorial bias.

We evaluate each hosting provider by following points

  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Price

What do we do?

We provide rating and reviews for hosting providers and compare with different hosting providers.

We properly know the need of small business, and we help them to start their business online. We are not forging sell ranking and reviews. On our site, people write reviews of the hosting companies they interact and use. Here you find the overview of best web hosting customer. You will find a detailed analysis of their services, and you also find reviews of customers so that company knows about their customer experience regarding the product.

It is one of the kinds of feedback through which hosting provider make an accurate judgment on whether a particular web host can meet your demands.

If you have any queries regarding our products and services, we will be happy to answer them.

Wish you best of luck for your new web hosting provider.

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