How to get free VPS trial 30 days?

In this article we are gonna talk about 5 best vps services who offers free trials to their customers.

Hosting Name

Hosting type

Trial Period

Offer Links

kamatera review

Cloud VPS/Dedicated

FREE 30 Days Trial

cloudways review

Cloud VPS/Dedicated

3 Days FREE Trial (No Credit Card)

digitalocean review

Cloud VPS/Dedicated

$100 Free Trial Credit

vultr review

Cloud VPS/Dedicated

$10 Free Trial Credit

These are the few hostings who offers free vps trial for 30 days to their customers. 

1. Kamatera hosting

In number one, we have kamatera hosting which offers 30 days free trials to their customers with $100 credits. 

How to get free vps trial for 30 days ?

  • Sign up to kamatera hosting 
  • Enter your billing info (Credit Card Needed)
  • Create your own server

2. Cloudways hosting 

Cloudways hosting gives only 3 days trial, their trial period keeps on changing. sometime they give 14 days trial period on special occation but most of the time they give 3 days trial period to their customer.

How to get Free 3 days trial period?

  • Sign up to cloudways using our link 
  • it will directly take you to their control panel where you can start your trial 

3. DigitalOcean Hosting

Digital ocean offers $100 credits to their customers, so customers can try their services without any risk. 

How to get $100 credits?

  • Sign up with digitalocean with our special link 
  • It will take you to the control where you can use your $100 credits.

4. Vultr hosting 

When it comes to vultr hosting, they only offer $10 credits to their new users. You can get $10 credits by using our offer link. 

These are the best vps hosting providers who offers Free trials to their customers. you can try their services without any charge. This is the best option check performance of web hosting without getting paid. 


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