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Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Overview: After going through what their customers are saying coupled with our own experience, do we recommend A2? Even though we feel the quality of their services speaks for them, we will still put it in clear terms… Yes, we recommend A2 web hosting services for everyone.


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • New Guru Support (24x7)
  • Anytime Money Back
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Disk Space


  • Renewal Annual Price Is High

A2 Hosting is one of the oldest and best hosting services that have won several accolades and recognition. The company is known for fast and uninterrupted internet. Although there are several web hosting companies but A2 has distinguished itself in several ways

a2hosting review

Experience always comes with a high level of expertise. This is exactly what is playing out in their services. Their 14-year web hosting experience reflects in the quality of their services. Below is a comprehensive a2 hosting review:

Uptime And Reliabilty

One of the qualities of a reliable web host is high uptime. The company offers a mind blowing 99.9% uptime commitment. Their incredibly fast servers have a high redundancy rate. This definitely means that clients’ websites never encounter downtime. This is a very important factor in choosing your web host. Do you know that each time your site experiences a downtime could be some visitors’ first time on your site? First impression lasts so long. In a nutshell, a single downtime can make you lose visitors or traffic on your site So, if you have to select a web host, consider up-time first.

Best Feature

One of the company’s most attractive features is speed. Their servers are very fast. In fact, they are 20 times faster than other servers. Nothing frustrates internet users like slow, dragging sites. Apart from the fact that people are generally impatient, slow sites will slow down your pace. According to reviews from several customers, when your site is hosted by this company, your web pages will keep loading like they are resident on the site visitor’s PC or device.

A2 also offers a wide variety of plans and this gives customers a wider option of plans. No matter your budget, you will definitely
find a suitable plan. To their customers, this is a high level of flexibility.

The company also offers payment convenience. Customers have multiple modes of payment. This makes it easy for customers to make payment without having to convert their money from one form to another. You can pay with PayPal, Skrill, 2CC, 2Checkout, Visa card, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

They deploy the latest and most sophisticated hardware and software to keep hosted sites highly secure. So, if your site is hosted by them, security and safety of your site should be the least of your problems. Security of sites is one of the qualities that earned them multiple awards.

Depending on your preferred operating systems, you can select one of Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. You will definitely get the same quality web hosting services irrespective of your choice.

No matter the purpose of your website, you are good with A2. They offer forum hosting, eCommerce hosting, CRM hosting, CMS hosting, Blog hosting, Wiki hosting, Social network hosting and even Ad management hosting. As a matter of fact, it will take a dossier to outline all the attractive features of the web hosting company. The fact that they have won four awards in 2017 alone speaks volumes about the quality of their service.

Pricing & Hosting Plans

hosting plans—VPS, shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

1. Shared Hosting Plan

a2hosting shared

A2 offers one of the best shared hosting services in the industry. There are three plans under this category. Lite plan costs $3.92/month, Swift plan costs $4.90/month and Turbo plan costs $9.31/month. While Lite hosts only one website, the other two host unlimited websites.

Lite allows only 5 databases but the other two take unlimited databases. However, they all accept unlimited transfer and storage.
The question is what advantage does Turbo plan have over Swift that makes it more expensive? Yes, sites on Turbo plan are much faster than the ones on the other two because Turbo is being powered by A2 site accelerator.

2. VPS Hosting Plan

There are only three plans in this category of hosting. You have unmanaged VPS, managed VPS and core VPS. Unmanaged VPS is the cheapest. It costs $5/month and it offers 20 GB storage and 512 MB RAM.

The next is managed VPS. It costs $32.99/month and it offers 75 GB storage and 4 GB RAM.

The most expensive plan in this category is Core VPS. It costs $49.99/month. It also offers 75 GB storage and 4 GB RAM. The advantage it has over managed VPS is availability of managed root access. However, the three of them offer 2 TB transfer.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plan

lf cost is not a factor, this plan is your best bet. You will have your dedicated server and all server resources. You won’t need to share the resources with any other customer. Everything will be dedicated to serving your enterprise website. You will also get 24/7 attention from Guru crew.

There are four different plans under this category. Semi dedicated server costs $9.31/month, unmanaged flex server costs $99.59/month, managed flex server costs $141.09/month and core flex server also costs $141.09/month.

4. Reselling Hosting Plan

This plan allows you to also host your own customers with your allocated resources. There are 4 plans here. The cheapest plan is Bronze and it costs $13.19/month. This plan offers 30 GB storage, 400 GB transfer and 40 accounts.

The next in line is Silver which costs $18.47/month. It offers 75 GB Storage, 600 GB Transfer and 60 accounts.

Gold costs $24.41/month. It offers 150 GB Storage, 1000 GB Transfer and 80 accounts.

The best and most expensive reseller hosting plan is Platinum. It costs $40.91/month and offers 200 GB Storage, 2000 GB Transfer and 100 accounts.

MoneyBack Guarantee

lf you are not satisfied with their services, they will refund your money without any question. This policy clearly underscores the confidence they have in their services. How many web hosting companies offers this? It might interest you to know that their customers hardly ask for refund. Instead, they extend their subscriptions and also refer their friends.


a2hosting support

No matter the quality of your service or product, it is important to back it up with great customer support. That is what A2 offers.
Their support teams are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and they are accessible via multiple channels. Availability is one thing, being eager to resolve issues is another. Their support teams are always very eager to resolve customers’ issues as quickly as possible at first call.


  • They offer multiple payment plans for payment flexibility
  • The company also offers multiple modes of payment for payment convenience
  • There are multiple hosting plans for customers’ preference and affordability
  • There is 99.9% uptime commitments. Customers enjoy super-fast internet (20 times faster)
  • Customer support is accessible via multiple channels and they are available 24/7/365
  • There is anytime money back guarantee
  • Free account migration
  • They keep customers’ sites highly secure.


There is only one major con about their services. Their charges are slightly higher than average charges. However, a lot of customers do not see this as a drawback because quality isn’t cheap. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. According to several customers, the charges are fair for the speed of their servers and their uptime.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

After going through what their customers are saying coupled with our own experience, do we recommend A2? Even though we feel the quality of their services speaks for them, we will still put it in clear terms… Yes, we recommend A2 web hosting services for everyone. We are not only proud of the company, we can also vouch for them. They didn’t earn all the awards, accolades and recognitions out of luck. They won them by offering superior web hosting services as shown clearly in the above a2 hosting review.

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