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Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Overview: Cloudways is the only platform that has the highest number of users, including us, as it provides the best cloud services that can be managed from a single console. It is an undisputable option for beginners as well as for experts. We happily recommend it to our readers without any hesitation. It offers jaw-dropping services at most affordable prices. You can go for it.


  • 3 Days FREE Trial
  • Free SSL
  • Expert Support 24/7
  • WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Multiple Server Platforms


  • No Root Access
  • Limited Application Support

Cloudways is a Malta based company that was founded in 2011. Later in 2016, it revamped its site as Cloudways 2.0. The hosting company is an integration point for various cloud services which all are managed from a single console. It helps PHP developers to establish their own PHP applications by offering a rich array of features.

cloudways review

Clowdways offers a great balance between functionality and affordability for a cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.  It provides its clients with fully managed hosting without any WordPress hosting headaches and slow loading WordPress sites. The company’s platform-as-a-service cloud servers are an incredible package, to begin with and can be scaled as clients websites grow. The infrastructure is perfectly optimized for great performance, speed, and security. The company has data centres all around the world with an excellent support team to assist their customers and users 24/7.


Cloudways knows the importance of uptime for its users and their businesses. Their uptime is 100% and the response time is very good. They provide incredible website loading speed which loads in less than 1 second. The loading speed of Cloudways is equivalent to managed WordPress hosting services like WP Engine. It has the best performance grade and load time for its users without any doubt.

Best features of Cloudways:

cloudways review

Performance: They provide performance-oriented features that help their users with better load times.

Collaboration: Users can leverage full potential with the help of team collaboration.

Security: The Company does their best to keep their user’s server safe, secured and protected.

Control: Users have full on control over their servers and applications.

Expert Support: The users are equipped with professional support to resolve various issues.

Integration & Add-on: Users can make use of various services at one place very conveniently.

Choice:  Cloudways help its users to grow their business with more freedom and fewer restrictions.

Monitoring: Users can get real time and 24/7 server monitoring.

Pricing & Plans:

There are 4 pricing levels for the users using DigitalOcean, Linode, VULTR, Amazon web services and Google Cloud Platform.

cloudways pricing

Each provides a specified level of storage, RAM, processor, and monthly bandwidth. All the plans come with unlimited app installation, 24/7 expert support, free SSL certificates and free migration.

Pricing of Cloudways is per server hour, on a pay as you go basis.  Users can pay for multiple servers and can conveniently scale up to higher levels to high volume periods. They just have to pay on a monthly basis. No contracts as such are involved.

Cloudways charges additionally for infrastructure services and is billed on a monthly basis. However, users have the option to test Cloudways console by making use of their free trial option.

The company’s cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan starts at $5/month.

Money Back Guarantee:

Users of Cloudways platform will only pay for the resources they use and for the total time they use them. Cloudways is open to refund its clients unused prepaid account funds if the money back request is presented within 3 months of the addition of funds.

However, there is no refund for the money that has been deducted for the services used.


Users can get excellent support by submitting report tickets or through Live Chat. They also opt for query CloudwaysBot for assistance. Cloudways support is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

cloudways support

It offers premium support for the users at additional cost. Premium customers have the benefit of priority resolution on issues, can use a private Slack channel and can get call support. They also can request for server customization and application support. Like many other hosting companies, Cloudways is also very active on social media and resolve issues of those who seek help on social media platform.

Cloud ways have superb support documentation which has been helping many developers to figure out the problems and resolve by themselves. It also provides lots of tutorials and solutions to various hosting problems. Additionally, their blog has regular posts about frontend tutorials and ways to grow a business.

Overall Cloudways is the best hosting option for many developers in various situations, but it also comes with few disadvantages.

Below are some pros and cons which help you to make a decision before opting for it.

Pros of Cloudways:

1) Cloudways has an intuitive and simple user interface which can be easily used by a beginner. It is designed to be developer-friendly, but users with low technical skills also can use it without any confusion.

2) It literally takes a minute for spinning up an application or server. Cloudways is very convenient when compared to the time taken to set up a Digital Ocean Droplet of other equivalents.

3) Cloudways offers 99.99% uptime and are extremely reliable for its users.

4) The pricing is fair and affordable. It is almost what a base cloud provider charges from you.


1) The support of Cloudways is great as long as you host a common CMS like WordPress, but if you create a custom app in JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc. it is going to be difficult for you. So limited application support is the main drawback.

2) No root access -Though Cloudways does maintain healthy and functional servers for its users, sometimes they need to root access themselves.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Cloudways hosting is the best as it is very easy, fast and good for its users. Even a beginner to WordPress or blogging doesn’t have to worry about using Cloudway as it is extremely simple without any complicated settings. Unlike other web hosts, clients need not have to pay for hosting upfront.

So Cloudways is something you should try without any doubt. Use their 3 days free trial to check out their outstanding service.

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