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Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Overview: There are other fast servers but this is the only one that is continuously running fast without crashing and slowing. Money back will never be a concern with Digital Ocean Hosting. we recommend it for developers.


  • Free 60 days Trial
  • Best for Developers
  • Offer snapshot & off site backups
  • Comunity social network support
  • money back guarantee


  • Dont use windows

Digital Ocean has been providing cloud infrastructures for software developers to deploy their applications since 2012. They have great tools that help users create API’s, IPs, Share Private Networks and much more. CPU droplets with the Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are also offered, along with a storage product for hosting web assets. Since the companies foundation it has had much success and many excellent reviews.

Mark Templeton was recently appointed as the companies CEO and Board of Director. The company became one of the first cloud-hosting companies to offer SSD-based virtual machines. Since the companies debut, it has had many accomplishments and has international data centers located in Amsterdam, London, and Singapore. The company also offers a community resource, somewhat like a social forum where you can contact other developers, and find tutorials. The community receives more than 2 million visitors per month and has over 1000 tutorials.


The Uptime is definitely the most important thing to look at when choosing a web host. No server means no usage. The average up time for a cloud hosting service is 99.94%. Digital Cloud beats the competition by far with an incredible 99.99%. The company only had 8 outages in the first 6 months of 2018 totalling only 27 minutes. This is currently the most reliable hosting uptime. Poor uptimes can also cause mass traffic loss.

If a site cannot load in under 5 seconds, market research proves that sites can lose more than 74% of mobile traffic. Slow internet and connection interruptions can be the most frustrating thing for anyone internet user, especially if it is work or business use. Digital Ocean is the, point blank, fastest hosting program on the market. The average industry load speed is 890 ms. Digital Ocean was at 322 at its fastest and its slowest at 456. It was still 50% faster than its competition at its slowest speed.

Best Features

digitalocean features

With Digital Ocean you can;

  • Create your own virtual private server and run the OS of your choice.
  • Pay per hour for servers used.
  • Use a preconfigured web app to start a virtual private server.
  • Use Cloud Firewalls to protect your servers.
  • Monitor and backup your servers.
  • Use floating IP addresses to redirect your traffic and use load balancers to manage traffic.
  • Have your team work with you to manage your infrastructure.
  • You can manage your servers using the CLI app, or using API

Hosting Plans

Just to name a few. No need to worry about this being expensive, as their standard droplets start at just 5 dollars per month, and includes 256 GB SSD, 1GB Ram, 1 CPU, and 1 TB Data Transfer.

digitalocean plans

You can also inexpensively start and test a server for a new site if you need to at any time. There are tools offered that you can use to resources to your server quickly or to connect virtual external storage when you need to. It only takes about 1 minute to create a new VPS/ Droplet, once you have a digital ocean account.

Digital Ocean has support for IPv6 as a droplet feature that is optional and you can also enable private networking so you can connect your droplets inside digital ocean. This way you can easily link your database and file server or you can use a floating IP to send traffic to another droplet if one is overloaded. This is the perfect feature if you are building a modern web app, as one server will not suffice. Digital Ocean hosting allows for the most affordable, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. Their servers launch in less than a minute.

The hosting costs are calculated per hour which allows for total control of the hosting budget. Also you are only charged for the resources you use. No need to worry as sudden traffic spikes will not run up the monthly bill. You won’t need to waste money on unnecessary resources, you can expand the servers instantly to make sure they keep up with demand. Digital hosting secures the usability of their servers, ensuring that the stress of one will not affect the other.

They also allow for you to customize the servers. You can customize the processing power, location, and the operating system. The server itself is customizable as well. Your security is assured, by distributing server data across redundant servers. Automatic backups and snapshots will ensure that your server content stays safe and up to date.

Money-back Guarantee

Digital Ocean offers money back on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances and why you want a refund. But you will most likely feel inclined to pay more, as the product and service is that great.


digitalocean support

The digital ocean support system is great. From online FAQ’s to online live support. You can also find many online blogs for savvy programmers who have written excellent reviews and blogs.

The best thing to do is join digital oceans community platform when you make an account. Most of the time you can find the same or similar questions as yours, and find answers without having to post or ask anyone.


  • Fastest servers in the business.
  • Best overall provider for developers.
  • You have complete control and freedom over configuring your web server.
  • They offer snapshots and off site backups.
  • You can start with a free 60 day trial.
  • Community social network support.


  • They don’t use Windows.
  • No other major cons unless you just hate the software


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

The Digital Ocean software is hands down the best out. Price is no issue, with their rate plans starting as low as 5 dollars and raising as you go. You receive a great amount of data depending on your usage, at an unmatched rate. Really, with just their fast loading and running speed alone, there is no competition that comes close to matching them. If you are a developer or just a tech savvy person overall there is no way that you can overlook their system.

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