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Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Overview: Should people pitch their tent with Fastcomet? Definitely, YES! This is borne out of what my experience has been and what customers’ reviews say about them


  • Free Domain forever
  • WordPress Cloud Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Best Support
  • 45 days money back
  • Free Daily Backups


  • Not Very Popular Hosting

For the past one decade, Fastcomet has been in the internet space offering web hosting service in a qualitative manner. They offer a unique, quality and topnotch service to their clients. Despite the fact that there are countless web hosting companies outside there, Fastcomet stands out; the Firm has carved an unrivaled and unmatched niche for itself in the web hosting market. 

fastcomet review

There is hardly anybody who has transacted business with them that does not come back to give them the right accolades. Their experience has simply stood them out.

fastcomet review, Provided herein is a truthful and holistic Fastcomet review;

Uptime And Reliabilty

The importance of uptime in web hosting service cannot be over-emphasized. Fastcomet offers an incredible uptime service to their customers. Their server does not encounter any form of downtime, making it to have a high redundancy rate.

The quality of the uptime service on your website speaks volumes. Websites are visited 24 hours in a day and you cannot predict when you have most visitors coming to your website. So, you cannot afford to allow your website to be down, not even for second so as not to lose potential loyal readers. Fastcomet is very reliable in terms of their uptime commitment. They are always reliable in ensuring that your website does not stop working for once.

Best Feature

fastcomet review

Fastcomet has a very speedy server; it considerably worked better than its peers. This speedy server will prevent people from wasting their time while loading sites hosted by Fastcomet. Reviews on their site also speak volume about the speed rate of the web host.

In addition, Fastcomet operates a pocket-friendly plan system. The Firm has plans for different categories and duration. Even a person who desires to own a website with the lowest budget can still find a low-budget plan to subscribe to on Fastcomet. They offer many options to their customers. Fastcomet values customers’ satisfaction over profit.

Also, Fastcomet has a team of dedicated experts that work on the security of their hosted sites. This saves subscribers from fidgeting unnecessarily over site security. They try as much as possible to ensure that your site is not hacked.

Further, the Firm offers a commendable payment method. Their convenient payment method makes them to have loyal customers across the world. They accept almost every form of legal online payment means. This ranges from Visa card, American Express, Skrill to Master Card and a host of others.

Pricing & Hosting Plans

Fastcomet has four hosting plans—VPS, shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

1. Shared Hosting Plan

fastcomet review

Fastcomet is very distinguished in this realm. Their price is economic-friendly and they also offer awesome services. With just $2.95/month, your website will be up and running. More so, your domain is free of charge for life and the traffic is unmetered. The second category under this costs $5.95/month. You can host multiple websites on this and also enjoy free domain for life with an unmetered traffic.

The most costly under the Shared Hosting category is sold for $9.95/month and you have the option of setting up multiple websites with domains given free of charge for life and an increased space of 35GB. Their pricing is friendly and this does not affect the standard and quality of their service.

2. VPS Hosting Plan

fastcomet vps hosting

There are four plans under this section (VPS1-VPS4). They are fully-managed by Fastcomet. VPS Cloud 1 is $59.95/month. It is the cheapest of the four. It has 30 GB space, 2 TB Bandwidth limit instead of the former 1 ad 2GB RAM.

VPS Cloud 2 $69.95/ month and has 48 GB space, 3 TB bandwidth limit and 4 GB RAM. This is the most popular among the four. Most users buy the VPS Cloud 2. VPS Cloud 3 sells for $89.95/month. It has 4 TB bandwidth limit, 96 GB space, 8 GB RAM. It moves extraordinarily fast with 500 Mbit Network Out while the VPS Cloud 4 sells for $139.95. As expected, it has the highest and most admirable features; 12 GB RAM, 192 GB Space, 8TB of bandwidth limit and incredibly moves at 1000 Mbit Network Out. If not financially handicapped, you should subscribe to this plan.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plan

fastcomet dedicated hosting

This hosting is also fully-managed by Fastcomet. It is the best option for you as every resource is determined and also by you. It is also in four categories. The Dedicated Hosting 1 is sold for $ 139/month. It has 96 GB space, 8 GB RAM and 4 TB bandwidth limit. It is the cheapest and has the least number of features while DS 4 is sold for $ 419/ month. It has 768 GB space, 20 TB of bandwidth space, 48 GB RAM and flies at 4000 Mbit Network Out.

Apart from being fully-managed by Fastcomet, the server is solely dedicated to serve you without any other customer sharing it with you. In addition, they offer a 24/7 customer support for your infrastructure. It is also designed in a way that you can easily scale it up in case of business expansion. Also, it has a high speed rate.


fastcomet review

Fastcomet offers 24/7/365 dedicated customer support service for their subscribers. Apart from personal experience, the reviews on their site speak volume about the rate of responsiveness of their customer service unit. They are committed to satisfying their customers in all ways.

You can send an email to them, engage in a live chat or put a call across to them. All these multiple buttons are conspicuously placed on their website for every visitor to see and utilize.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you dont like fastcomet hosting service they offer 45 days money back guarantee to their customers. All shared hosting services are covered by their 45 days guarantee. For VPS and Dedicated hosting they offer 7 days money back guarantee.


The pros of subscribing to any of the services of Fastcomet are innumerable. Some of them are; They offer a multiple hosting plans that accommodate customers of different status and financial class. Even with just $3, you can own your own website.

  • The security of customers’ site is a top priority.
  • They offer domain free of charge for life.
  • There is money back guarantee for customers.
  • They operate a 24/7/365 customer service support system via multiple channels.
  • They offer different kinds of hosting services for customers’ preferences and likes. They also ensure flexibility and convenience in payment.


The only seemingly demerit with Fastcomet is that their prices are a little bit higher than their counterparts. However, their quality of services rendered to their customers does not make them bother about this high price. They are offered more than what their money is worth.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Should people pitch their tent with Fastcomet? Definitely, YES! This is borne out of what my experience has been and what customers’ reviews say about them. They are committed to excellence and quality serviced delivery. Their WordPress cloud hosting is a great distinguishing feature from their counterparts that do not use cloud.

Fastcomet and their team have shown resilience, expertise and dedication to service for long. All the good wishes from their customers are not products of sheer luck or sudden fame, but a result of many years of dedicated service. This is evident in the Fastcomet review above.

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