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Overview: Having looked at the Inmotion Review extensively, we recommend the web hosting service on the grounds of its attractive features. Slight issues aside, Inmotion is a great web host for all small business websites.


  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Support: Live Chat (24x7)
  • 90 days money back
  • Free Advertising Credits (150$)


  • High Price
  • Phone verification is required

Today, quality web hosting is an important consideration for all businesses on the online platform or planning to go online. Whether it’s a small business or a bigger one, they all require the most engaging and attractive Websites for the site visitors. If you are looking for a web hosting service provider for your Website, whether it’s a professional or personal site, we recommend you to try Inmotion. The web hosting firm boasts of Virtual Private Server (VPS), WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and several e-commerce applications. Overall, the web host is known for providing uninterrupted fast internet.

inmotion review

In as much as there is a number of Website hosting firms providing similar service in the market today, none enjoys the flexibility that Inmotion has. It is a great choice for most online businesses, especially small-sized brands. With experience playing a key role in Inmotion’s market dominance, there is more to gain from this web host. They have been in business for several years and their portfolio looks impressive. Below is an Inmotion Review that will help you understand the web hosting firm better and be able to decide if it’s worth considering or not.

Uptime And Reliabilty

According to most businesses, uptime is an important website quality. Luckily, Inmotion offers its customers an impressive 99.97% uptime assurance. Since their servers are incredibly fast, it means that your business servers do not experience downtime. Uptime is an important factor for everyone who is looking for a great web host. Research shows that each time a given site experiences a downtime, fast-time site visitors easily become discouraged. On a business angle, this is not a great thing as you may lose traffic. In the long run, your business loses important customers who could have bought your product or service.

Best Feature

Inmotion has some of the best web hosting features that you expect from the best web hosting company. They include:

E-commerce Provisions

As a customer, Inmotion offers you a range of e-commerce tools. For example, you can add an engaging e-shop page using a web builder. This page acts as a simple online store. You can also decide to download a PrestaShop or OpenCart for free and get to create a robust store. The e-commerce platform comes with a comprehensive dashboard that you can use to track your payment information.

Security Feature

Inmotion offers you numerous security provisions. One of the most impressive features is the remote backup. This feature is free for accounts that are 10GB or smaller in size. In case of the WordPress sites, you can use a free security plug-in to scan for security risks such as malware. With as little as $1.33 a month, you can enjoy virus and spam protection from Inmotion. The features are ideal for email accounts.

WordPress Hosting

This is an interesting feature in this Inmotion Review. The company offers solid plans that are not true-managed WordPress but comes with many WordPress elements. For example, an optimized server comes with a content management system that is preinstalled to measure performance. The package is $6.99 a month and comes with free daily backup and program updates.

Fast Servers

Inmotion rides on this ground. You have to remember that speed is important in enjoying better Google ranking. With this respect, Inmotion ensures that your customers enjoy fast loading of the pages.

Pricing & Hosting Plans

hosting plans—VPS, shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

1. Shared Hosting plan

inmotion shared hosting

The brand has three shared hosting plans; Launch, Power, and Pro. Launch Plan is the most popular and it demands a monthly fee of $7.99. It supports six domains and two sites. As for Power, you pay $9.99 a month and get to enjoy 6 quality sites and 26 domains. Lastly, Pro Plan costs $15.99 a month and comes with unlimited Websites and domains. All of these plans are characterized by unlimited emails, monthly data transfers, and data storage.

2. VPS Hosting Plan

The firm offers you a firm VPS hosting solution. The monthly charges for this plan are between $44.99 and $154. This plan comes with 5GB RAM, 260GB storage, and 6TB data transfer a month.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plan

Inmotion offers you the freedom to configure the dedicated servers with 3TB storage. This is possible with a monthly fee of $189. You also get to enjoy about 5TB of data transfer per month and an incredible 64GB RAM. A majority of Web hosts out there offers you only 16 GB

4. Reseller Hosting Plan

If you want to get into web hosting and do not want to worry about the bandwidth, you should consider this package from Inmotion. With a starting fee of $27.99 a month, you get unlimited emails among other benefits. The entry plan comes with an 800GB data transfer, 90 GB storage, and unlimited host e-panels.

MoneyBack Guarantee

Inmotion offers its customers an interesting 90-day Money Back Guarantee. This policy beats provisions from other web hosts. If you are looking for a worthy host for your Website, then it makes sense to consider Inmotion.


inmotion support

Inmotion puts the interest of the customers in front of any other. They have a 24-hour customer support that is characterized by a live chat system, email system, phone call system, and ticket system. The supportive customer service ensures that your concerns are addressed and you don’t face difficulties when accessing your Websites.


90 day money back guarantee- this is quite high when you compare it to other web hosting companies which are offering only 30 day money back guarantee. Domains are however not included in the deal but you have full control of what you can do with them once you register.

Free website transfer– if you have an existing website hosted by another service provider, InMotion will help transfer it and they won’t charge you extra for this.

You can choose the location of your data center– to ensure you have faster access to data you can choose a data center that’s closer to you. There are some options of data centers and InMotion will advise you on which one to go for.

SSD drive storage– to ensure your services load faster, all InMotion webservers have SSD drives instead of the outdated spinning drives. Most hosting companies don’t have SSD and the few that use them charge extra for them.

Free SSL certificate– In order to create an e-commerce website, you need to have SSL certificates. These are included in the InMotion packages. Other companies that offer web hosting services charge extra fees for the certificate.

Free data backups-this is not unique to InMotion only. Other web hosting companies offer this as well. The reason they stand out is that you don’t pay any extra fees for this.

Control panel
unlike other companies the InMotion’s control panel is located on the Account dashboard which means you don’t have to login separately. It’s relatively easy to use.

Advertising credit– when you sign up for InMotion, you receive a $250 free advertising.


Phone verification is required- InMotion take security very seriously. They require customers to verify their purchase through phone verification. By doing this, they’re leaving out customers who are outside the US.

There is no option for monthly billing- the only plan that offers monthly billing is Pro but even the you’re required to pay a $40 set up fee. The smaller plans don’t offer that flexibility and by doing this they are locking out customers who prefer paying for plans monthly. It is not very cheap-there are other web hosting companies that are offering services at a lower price. They are not the most expensive web hosting company either.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Having looked at the Inmotion Review extensively, we recommend the web hosting service on the grounds of its attractive features. Slight issues aside, Inmotion is a great web host for all small business websites. Considering that are no downtimes, translating to great uptimes, there is no doubt that Inmotion is a fast and remarkable web host.

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