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Best Affordable Hosting


Final Verdict: If you are searching for a cost-effective hosting company with almost as intro pricing and better product with a lot of excellent features, then iPage is the best hosting service provider


  • Free Domain for 1 year
  • Support: Live Chat (24x7)
  • 30 days money back
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Disk Space


  • High Price for short term
  • Average Support

To publish iPage reviews, we went through all features of iPage and came across these details. It is the web hosting and domain registration company that has the potential to become best in the market. Thomas Grony, the founder of Endurance International Group, owns iPage.

ipage review

The company offers extensive web hosting solutions to webmasters and website owners. To launch your new site, you will first need a web hosting accounts. iPage makes it easy by offering low-cost web hosting packages which are best for small sites. When we read the iPage reviews of many people, they are satisfied with the extensive hosting services.

Best Feature

The excellent feature of iPage is their simplicity along with excellent hosting plans at the cheapest cost. You can host unlimited websites using your account as an end-user or as a web development company. They also allow you unlimited databases and agood amount of disk space.

They provide you abuse and sharing policies for your all unlimited accounts. iPage allows unlimited email addresses and first year domain name is also free. They also offer a separate set of WordPress hosting plans. The feature list is very rich as far as you consider the costs.

They offer drag and drop facility for the non technical user to create a website without any knowledge of coding. The iPage reviews from many customers are positive regarding website creation.

iPage provide security to your emails from malware and viruses. iPage offers Secure socket Layers certificate for $31.99 per year. This certificate is used to encrypt data transferred between a computer user and website. It is necessary if you have an e-commerce site. The iPage reviews from many customers are positive regarding the security.

iPage provides siteLock which plays an important role in preventing the unwanted breaches by regular scanning of malware issues. According to your plan, you choose it and removing the malicious stuff for you. Also, they have a firewall which will help to prevent any potential leak.

iPage easily connected with others such as Google Apps, PayPal, and others. It is very useful for e-commerce site who need secure payment transactions. They also give some bonus points to new accounts for Google Adwords and Bing. Your websites are monitored using Google webmasters tool.

Pricing & Hosting Plans

The pricing catalogue of most companies depends on your selection of a plan, and most hosting companies provide an initial discount.

The cost of hosting on iPage is the cheapest in the market. The hosting cost on iPage is only $ 1.99 per month. iPage not only provide hosting service for the long term that is 36 month but also provides service for a short term that is for 12 months.

According to many people who give iPage reviews said that it is the only hosting company which provides such short-term hosting service. That means you don’t have to lock for three years; you can take only one year of subscription and check its performance.

MoneyBack Guarantee

They will refund your money if you are not satisfied with iPage and do not ask the questions. During the first 30 days, you will get acompleterefund of your hosting fees.

Suppose you register your domain to iPage there is a non-refundable $15 domain fee. This money is deducted by iPage, not as service costs but to make sure that even if you are dissatisfied with them, you don’t lose your domain name. You will receive a remaining fee as early as possible. Many people have positive iPage reviews regarding the money back guarantee.


ipage support

Many of having thought that the lowest cost provider does not have good support. But iPage provide the excellent support through email, phone, and live chat.

In spite of twenty minutes connection delay, the representative answered all the doubt you have with extra information. They always provide proper guidance regarding our doubts, and we were satisfied regarding the excellent support when compared to the other hosting company.

iPage provide 24*7 technical assistance to help you with any and all problems your websites may occur. The range of support channels are important in this business, and it is the best way to stand out.


  • Less pricing for long term contracts.
  • Free drag and drop page builder
  • Free Domain registration
  • Free Marketing tools 
  • 30 days money back guarantee. 
  • Simple user interface


Price is high for short-term contracts:

iPage has the excellent discount offers if you lock it for three years.  But it is difficult to buy package for three years if you don’t know how long your project last.

Our iPage reviews regarding pricing of the renewable package arealright, but it’s nothing that must of astral. The HostGator provides the best renewable pricing packages than iPage. You also get an excellent renewable pricing at InMotion Hosting and Web Hosting Hub. It is not much cost effective for the long term contract because that time you don’t know the exact duration of your project.

iPage does not provide the monthly pricing, but HostGator do it. The discounted rate of iPage is excellent, but its long-term pricing is disadvantageous.

Knowledge base:

According to our iPage reviews, the company has excellent customer service if that company has a knowledge base and self-help section. If any company has two quality and staff actively monitoring the comments that means the company has excellent customer service.

It has knowledgebase, but they are not at par with other companies. They need to improve on the staff interaction within the knowledgebase and does not give short and quick solution for customer query.

Page Loading Time:

Many people complain about the loading time of ipage hosting which is not very good compared to other options, hostgator cloud has the best page loading time because of its cloud based hosting. but its not as affordable as ipage.

Regarding loading speed, many people give bad iPage reviews.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

The main selling point of iPage is that excellent discount on three years lock-in plans. If you are searching for a cost-effective hosting company with almost as intro pricing and better product with a lot of excellent features, then iPage is the best hosting service provider. It provides you excellent security services to your mails. It provides you unlimited websites on your account. They also allow you unlimited database and disk space at cheapest cost

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