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Sara Nisevic

Overview: After going through a number of Kamatera customer reviews and from our own personal experience, we literally don’t have a reason to not recommend Kamatera hosting for our readers. It is undoubtedly the best cloud servers that provide professional plans at cheap prices. However, we mentioned a few cons that come along with Kamatera. Overall it is the best bet for you.


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Kamatera is a reliable hosting company that has been launched in 1999. This Hong Kong based company is offering various services for a wide range of clients, specializing in cloud hosting services, offering managed and unmanaged plans. Kamatera has no pre-tailored hosting plans and almost every feature can be modified by the client. The client has the choice to customize the software by selecting one among nine operating systems which come with many more new versions each, which are enhanced with additional software add-ons. And for hardware, there are a number of choices regarding RAM capacity, CPU core count and clock, and SSD storage capacity, which can be further extended.

kamatera review

It is the only Cloud Servers which allows tailoring the package by including various components and features that suit the client’s requirements. Clients are charged only for the features and functionalities they require and do not have to pay for a feature that doesn’t suit their purpose. Their servers offer 99.99 runtime and no need to worry about servers slowing down that affects client’s business operations and processes. It is equipped with multiple data centres that use the latest technologies with 24/7 professional chat support.


Kamtera is equipped with high performing servers that provide high performance in terms of speed and reliability. The hosting company is continuously upgrading its communications infrastructure and hardware to keep Kamtera at the forefront of server technology. Kamtera is known for providing fastest reaction and processing times.

The company has ten datacentres operating from UK, USA, Israel, Netherlands and Hong Kong. Kamatera uses various cutting-edge technologies that use intel E5 v4 Xeon Processors, Solid-State Drive (SSD) hard drives including 600Gbit bandwidth that guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Best Features:

The company has developed a range of flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure products such as Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Servers, Cloud Load Balancer, Private Cloud Network, Fully Managed Cloud and Cloud Firewall etc. The company aims to give everything in cloud computing rather than concentrating on one element. Kamatera offers quality service at low prices and their products are flexible to suit the diversity in their clients. Their interactive service has become an integral part of their client’s team to make them achieve their business goals.

Kamatera offers products under cloud infrastructure like Cloud block storage, Cloud servers, Cloud private network, Cloud Servers with web hosting panel, Cloud firewall, Cloud load balancer, and software licensing. And its Managed Cloud included Managed Microsoft cloud services, Managed cloud services, Migration services, Cloud systems consultancy, Disaster recovery management, Firewall Management, Cloud Instruction and Training etc.

Pricing and Plans:   

Pricing is based on the client’s setup configuration. One can start by building a small server and can scale up as they grow. They can clone or upgrade more servers by using the management console.

kamatera simple plan

By making use of Kamatera’s price calculator, clients can compute their exact expenditure before launching their cloud server. They can also gauge the impact of the adjustments made to the server architecture. The product prices are completely transparent and have no hidden costs. Clients just need to select their server configuration, main memory, CPU core, storage, hardware like management tools, firewalls etc.

You can enjoy unlimited plan scale up and scale out, simple management console, API and Premium Chat Support 24/7.

  • The vCPU (Processors) ranges from 1 vCPU (2667MHz) to 64 vCPU (170666MHz) and dedicated vCPU’s from 2667MHz to 16000MHz.
  • The RAM (Memory) ranges from 1024 MB to 262144 MB
  •  SSD Storage ranges from 20GB to 1000GB
  • Internet traffic includes 200 GB/month to 5000 GB/month depending on the data centre location of the server.
  • Public IPS range from 1,2 and 4
  • Operating system ranges from CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, FreeBSD, FreeNAS, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Windows Server, Windows, and others.
  • Operating System includes cPanel and Parallels.

VPS Plan: 

kamatera vps plan

Kamatera offers various VPS services on monthly basis for as low as $4 and as clients upgrades for better features pricings shall be $15/month, $27/month, $42/month, $63/month, $68/month, $88/month, $140/month.

Their hourly plans pricing shall be $0.121/hour, $0.159/hour and $0.192/hour based on client’s customization.

Dedicated Plan:

kamatera dedicated plan

The offers for dedicated plans of Kamatera ranges from 19$, 44$, 94$ and 164$ monthly based on the customers upgradations.

Their hourly plans for dedicated plans start from $0.026, $0.060, $0.129, $0.225, $0.293, $0.430, $0.567 and $0.704.

Shared Plan:

Kamatera also offer shared hosting plan on customers request at $15. However 99% of customer choose vps plan because its cheaper than the shared plan.

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Money Back Guarantee:

Kamatera offers hourly and monthly plans at cheapest possible rates that no client ever has to ask for money back. However Kamatera is providing 30 day free trial for their clients to decide the quality and worth of their services.


Kamatera hosting company is supported with an expert support team who are available for 24 hours and on 365 days. They provide technical support, Sales & Account Managers and Billing & Accounting.

kamatera review

The company provides a Managed Cloud Service which facilitates system owners with a professional cloud administrator who can manage and monitor their servers.

Kamatera’s exceptional level of support is the main component of their managed services which reflect in the package that client’s chooses.

There is no compromise in dedication and round-the-clock availability, no matter which managed service level their client has chosen.

Pros of Kamatera:

  • Perfectly suitable to developers needs in terms of high performance, affordability and low maintenance products.
  • Client doesn’t have to deal with infrastructure management and frees up various resources for software development.
  • Kamatera server is updated regularly with new and reliable hardware components.
  • No downtime.
  • No initial charges on purchasing Kamatera server.
  • Speedy connection to the web.
  • Unaffected by electric cuts and ISP failures.
  • Exert cloud professionals to support 24/7.
  • No need to address any issue you face with infrastructure.
  • Quick environment creation for dedicated customers and for new trials.

Cons of Kamatera:

  • Kamatera does not offer servers more than 20vCPU and 262 GB of RAM
  • It doesn’t offer much for systems requiring big workloads and it is more expensive than Amazon AWS when dealing with high workloads.


Sara Nisevic

Kamatera Cloud Servers undoubtedly gives a great boost to its clients with their cloud-based server product. Clients can set-up their server in just a minute and never have to worry about the hardware maintenance. It is providing affordable and cost-effective plans which results in huge savings for the customer. Their incredible chat support makes sure your server is always stable and operational. So if you are hoping for cheap and quality cloud servers for your business, than Kamatera should be your Number 1 best option.

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