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Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Overview: is a cloud-based web hosting company. They provide high-speed servers and easy-to-understand web page hosting controls. Vultr is great for users that want 100% reliable servers at reasonable prices.


  • Fast web loading speed
  • Affordable dedicated servers
  • User-friendly controls
  • multiple Datacenters


  • No Ddos Protection included

Vultr is a company specializing in web hosting. They bring the latest in cloud technology to their hosting service, providing SSD VPS cloud servers at a reasonable price. Vultr is run by a team of 50+ people, and is based out of Matawan, New Jersey.

vultr hosting review
They may be based out of the United States, but that is by no means where Vultr ends: the company has datacenters in cities all around the globe. Aside from a few other U.S. cities, Vultr datacenters can also be found in Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, and Amsterdam.

Uptime: How Reliable is Vultr?

One of the easiest way to kill a website is with unexpected downtime. If you’ve had the frustrating experience of having a web host drop your website for extended periods of time and losing you vital traffic, no need to worry. 
Vultr promises 100% host node and uptime, and offers uptime credits in the unusual case that the company does have any problems—in the rare case of company outages, they offer up to over 600 hours of uptime credit.

Best Features of Vultr

vultr features


Unlike a lot of web hosting companies, Vultr’s instances are all run on SSDs (solid-state drives).
This feature gives it a huge speed boost that you won’t find with regular hard drive services. This means your site will have the ability to load pages at lightning speed.

Worldwide Coverage

Due to it datacenters all around the world, you have the ability to choose to deploy a server from a datacenter nearest to you. 
Your web pages will be shown to viewers from a location that is close to them, again reinforcing the high-speed factor of Vultr. Users of your web page will have no issues with loading times, which reduces the risk of you losing traffic due to impatient viewers.

Root Access
A great feature that isn’t easy to come across in your average web hosting company is its root access service. This gives Vultr users the option of going directly into the operation system to make significant changes. 
Users will also have the ability to fiddle around with main configuration files directly, without having to rely on help from Apache, or other access files.

Software Flexibility
Users have the option of a wide range of distribution choices from Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD. Available options from Linux include Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Users may even upload personalized bootable .iso files if desired.

User-Friendly Control Panel
You can manage your instances with the Vultr control panel, which is easy-to-understand and offers extensive control features. Console access, control over servers, and management of operating systems can all be performed through this

control panel
It also provides instant access to account status, billing, CPU and bandwidth usage, and much, much more. The control panel can save you time and effort by offering all of these features in one place. 
This nifty feature is also available as a downloadable mobile app. You can oversee your systems and servers while on the go, if you somehow can’t get access to your computer.

Bare Metal Simplified Option for Servers
If you have limited time for system administration but are still looking for a powerful server option for your website, Vultr has this Bare Metal Simplified options. 
It is essentially a dedicated server, but without all the hassle that can take up time in the lead-up to getting your site live. This option makes your site deployable in mere minutes.

Great for Web Application Developers With libraries equipped with practically every scripting language available, this company is a great choice for developers. Vultr’s API operations are all performed over HTTP.

One-Click Applications To save you the effort of building from scratch, Vultr even offers a number of preprogrammed applications such as the ever-popular blogging platform WordPress. Users can install these applications with a simple click of the mouse, saving users hours of installing and programming.

Block Storage Aside from its web hosting services, Vultr also offers a cloud storage service for your data. This storage solution triple replicates your data so that you’ll never have to worry about data storage again. Having a ton of data can weigh down computers and servers, and Vultr offers its super-cheap and reliable cloud storage to put your mind at ease.

Vultr Plans

vultr plans

This company offers 8 public cloud servers, and 4 dedicated cloud servers. You can pay monthly for the plans or hourly, giving you great billing flexibility.

For compute instance plans, you will find their cheapest plan starting at $5 a month for 15 GB of diskspace and 1 TB of bandwidth. Their biggest plans offers 700 GB of diskspace, 15 TB of bandwidth, and costs $640 a month.

Their dedicated cloud servers are reasonably priced as well, starting at $60 an hour for a 120 GB SSD and 10 TB of bandwidth. Their most expensive dedicated cloud plan costs $240 a month, and users will get 4 120 GB SSDs with 40 TB bandwidth.


Vultr has a dedicated customer support system including helpful guides, an extensive and regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions page. The support team is also on hand to help users through any issues through email and tickets. They also are available on multiple social media platforms. User reviews note that Vultr also offers massive flexibility regarding usage. One reviewers notes that even with heavy CPU or IO usage, they never received complaints or warnings from the company. Users won’t have to worry about being cut off or null routed during periods of heavy web traffic, which is great for users wishing to host online gaming servers, for example, which often will need a heavy duty server to keep up with the traffic.

Money-Back Guarantee

Vultr does not offer a money-back guarantee or refunds of any kind.

Pros of Using

• Incredibly fast web loading speed 
• Affordable prices for both public hosting and dedicated servers
• Choice between hourly/monthly billing
• Solid servers 
• User-friendly controls and extensive access

Cons of Using

• No DDoS protection included
• Monthly payments must be made on the first of the month.


Sara Nisevic

Sara Nisevic

Do we recommend using Absolutely. There is no other web hosting service out there that will give you high quality service in return for such cheap prices. If you want a user-friendly web cloud hosting company with solid servers and incredibly fast speeds, you should give Vultr a try. We hope this Vultr review will convince you that it is the right choice for your needs.

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