Best Dedicated Hosting Services 2019: [Comparisons & Reviews]

1. A2 Hosting

a2hosting review
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Daily Backups
  • 45 Days Moneyback
  • Fully customizable

Overall Rating



2. Fastcomet Hosting

fastcomet review


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Fully Managed

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3. SiteGround Hosting



  • Endorsed by WordPress
  • Free website builder
  • 30 Days Moneyback
  • Fully Managed

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What You Should Know About Dedicated hosting

If you are looking for a web hosting service, a dedicated hosting might be just the right option to turn to. How do you conclude that it offers what you are looking for? Well, keep reading to find out what this hosting type is all about and whether it is the one for you.

What is dedicated hosting?

Essentially, dedicated hosting is termed as web hosting packages offering dedicated servers directed to a single client. This type of hosting is great for users with WordPress sites that see a large number of visitors.

One noticeable thing is that dedicated hosting stands out from the other types of hosting like VPS hosting where the clients share a similar machine other than the resources using the same computer. It could be the other hosting where the clients share a computer
with many others. For dedicated hosting though, the client can lease the entire server and everything to do with its resources.

So, whom is dedicated hosting ideal for?

In most cases, the client has the final say to what type of hosting they choose. In the end, nonetheless, some aspects go a long way to determining the perfect hosting option for your needs.

Large organizations or sites are finding it one of the most reliable options by far. Dedicated hosting proves crucial to owners of large organizations or websites who have a significant level of traffic to handle. Thus, this type of hosting comes in handy since the client can fully control the server and configure the best suit their preference and needs.

Moreover, since the plans can be either managed or unmanaged, the hosting center can step in if there is any need for help in managing the server. Remember, the managed options can turn out to be quite costly, which might not be a big problem for the high-profile

Besides, the complex applications that come with the running of the server by these large organizations could mean the necessity for an option like this one. The technicality that goes to the management of these servers means the best way to go about it is having a host that can offer you the freedom you need to run your server. Also, it is crucial to have the host center handy just in case you need their help at any stage.

Another thing that makes this web hosting option more suitable for the large organizations or sites is the high-security level necessity. If you are handling a quite overwhelming traffic, chances are good that anything could snap along the way. To keep your site visitors and their information safe, a dedicated hosting turns out to be one of the top go-to options.

FAQ's About Dedicated Hosting

Q.1 How does dedicated hosting work?

Ans: Well, you are simply renting the entire physical server, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Q.2 What can I expect when going into dedicated hosting?

Ans: There are many ways to benefit, like less server congestion, high uptime, larger resource allocation opportunities, ideal customization and support from the hosting center among others.

Q.3 How is it different from the other options?

Ans: This type of hosting is unique in that you can access the entire server, so you do not have to share the resources with other clients.

Q.4 How do the managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting aspects differ?

Ans: Unmanaged dedicated hosting means the server you are renting will be blank, so you can customize it from scratch. A managed dedicated option comes with hosting packages that help reduce the technical tasks involved in setting up everything.

Q.5 How does the cost fair as compared to other hosting options?

Ans: Apparently, if you are going for the vast benefits that dedicated hosting offers, you will need to dig deeper into your pocket. But considering the freedom and options at your disposal, the cost is worth fronting.

It is, therefore, apparent that dedicated hosting has something to offer. Despite being ideal for the big organizations, the smaller ones might also find an opportunity they can exploit to their advantage as well.

Here Are Best Dedicated Hosting Services (Reviews)


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