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1. Kinsta Hosting

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  • Fully Managed WordPress
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Free Daily Backups

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Managed hosting Might Hold the Key to Your Website Success; Here is Why

When it comes to deciding on the best hosting option to go for, managed hosting might just be the perfect choice for you. But with the decision on these options based on different site needs, you need to be sure you understand where best this hosting can come in handy. Well, read on to find out.

What is managed hosting all about?

Also known as managed dedicated hosting, this type of hosting is based on an IT service model in which the client leases from a managed service provide the hardware or the servers. They also lease the storage and network that comes with it. One of the managed hosting aspects that customers cannot help but love it is the dedication to just one customer.

As a result, the client has access to the full performance that the hardware has to offer. Moreover, since this is a single tenant package, the client gets complete control over the apps, hardware and operating systems as well as the security that goes into running it.

The fact that it is “managed” is to mean that the infrastructure administration, management, and support are overseen by the MSP. All of these are stored in a data center that is under the hosting provider. This setting is different from the cases where these features are housed on-site at the location of the client.

Who is managed hosting best suited for?

With most businesses nowadays having a whole lot to see to, the running of the behind the curtain aspects when it comes to the website can easily fall behind. As such, managed hosting comes in handy for businesses that have a heap of other complexities to handle. This helps reduce the IT pressure on these businesses to enhance the center-stage performance.

It is also ideal for organizations seeking to take an advantage of its opportunity cost benefits. If the business is looking to cut back on the economic frontier, then this is the option to go for. Mostly, it comes with around the clock IT support as well as the customer service. As such, the organization can be sure to focus on the other things without being held back by worries over the web hosting issues.

Moreover, managed hosting seems to have even more impressive benefits that high-profile organizations might find worth pursuing. These ranges from low and fixed costs to ideal utilization of the resources, improved performance and availability, not forgetting the high value it can bring forth.

FAQ's About Managed Hosting

Q.1 How does managed hosting work?

Ans: The process here is quite simple. You rent the entire web server from the hosting provider, but they help you manage it in terms of setup, backup management, and administrating database.

Q.2 What is in it for the clients?

Ans: You can always count on the on-site technical support and customize it to fit your needs. Save time and make the most out of its opportunity cost among other benefits.

Q.3 How does it differ from dedicated hosting?

Ans: While a dedicated server hosting is only offered by the hosting provider for you to rent, managed hosting takes things a notch higher. They offer added services from the provider to enable easy management of the server.

Q.4 How is managed hosting different from collocation?

Ans: Well, collocation is about storing your own server on a facility under the collocation provider and all you get is an internet connection. But with managed hosting, you can rent the server from your provider and still have all the support you need to manage it.

Q.5 What are some of the downsides to expect?

Ans: In using managed hosting, you can expect a few concerns like high bandwidth, whether you have large enough site for the cost, data and equipment security, speed, and uptime.

On the bottom line, it is apparent that managed hosting has something to offer for websites large enough to warrant its use. You can always try it if you feel that your site needs this kind of hosting to make things better for you.

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